Winter Golf Lesson Programme

Welcome to your Winter Golf Lesson Programme.

(The Programme will now restart on November 2019)

Improve your game this winter at the EM Golf Studio, Ed has designed a 5 month programme for you to get your game ready for the 2020 season. (However every programme can be bespoke and changed to enhance your game.)

ED will be able to give you more knowledge about your weaknesses and how we can improve with greater accuracy consistently, and your overall game will improve dramatically.

Goal setting will be part of your assessment, and just imagine that in 2020 you could break 100, 90 or 80 for the 1st time or even get down into that single figure handicap finally by having the right programme tailored to your needs.

Interested? Scroll down to learn more or you can take the decision now and contact me and we can start turning your golf game in the right direction.

Included in the programme

  • FSX Live Software (As seen in images)
  • Full Game Assessment
  • Putting
  • Putter Fitting Check
  • Wedge Play
  • Mid irons
  • Long irons
  • Fairway woods
  • Driver
  • Impact testing
  • Gap testing

The programme is focus on imprint your bespoke needs.

  • Consistency

We use the Foresight GC2 launch monitor with HMT to capture your shots during the session. Comparing your first shots to your last we can see where the improvements have been made, in both distance and accuracy, helping you to improve and become a more consistent ball striker.

  • Gaining Yardage

Improvements in setup, body rotation and impact position can produce on average up to 15 yards with a driver.

  • Controlling distance with your wedges

Most better players get the ball down the right line with their pitch shots, but improved scoring happens when the ball is on the right distance.

  • Learn to control your putting

Learn how best to control the distance on your putts by improving technique and using simple drills.

  • Correct Club Selection

A Gap Testing session enables you to understand how far you hit each club and what the average gap of the yardage between each club is. Because the testing is taking place in a controlled environment, you can then set a benchmark, you can then adjust to the different weather and gradient conditions you face ever time you go out to play a round of golf.

EM Golf Studio Introductory lesson 2






EM Golf Putter Fitting - Seemore FGP

Winter Programme 2017/2018 Clients Reviews

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