“Break 85 every time you play”

Golfers who want to break single figures need to become masters of the short game to protect pars and to set up and take birdie opportunities.

If we can get your average score from 60 yards in to less than 3, close to 2.5, then you will probably take another 4 or 5 shots off your handicap.

So, in just 4 sessions, I’m going to try and take at least 4 shots off your handicap by making you a short game master.

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Included in the programme

  • Focus on wedge optimization
  • Understanding what the loft should be
  • Gap testing
  • Distance control
  • Shot type including bunker shots

This programme will focus on 4 areas of improvement

  • Control of Distance on Pitch Shots

Most better players get the ball down the right line with their pitch shots, but improved scoring happens when the ball is on the right distance.

  • Getting up and down from around the green

Using chip, short pitch and lob shots from all around the green, including that horrible fluffy greenside rough, to hit it close.

  • Bunker rescues

Better players would prefer the sand in many cases. We want you to be as comfortable from the greenside bunker as well as confident with 30 to 40 yard longer bunker shots.

  • Added Versatility

Proving you with skill, techniques and knowledge to find a shot you can play with a club that will give you the best chance of getting up and down and even sinking it.







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