Putting Lessons


EM Golf uses the Best putting analysis equipment in the world!

We use high speed video caption as evidence, Quintic is the most accurate system out there, so we are now looking a facts, rather than predicted evidence of what the ball maybe doing once it leaves the putter face. It will help anyone at any ability to progress their putting further, with Ed’s help you will understand your movements much easier, he will read your putting data from the ball roll system and use our high speed slow motion cameras (tracking the putter and ball from behind and your setup face on), so you will be able to hole more of those critical 12 foot putts.

We also use SAM Putt Lab to analysis the putting stroke, tracking the putter on the way back as well as on the way through to impact and after in the follow through. You will be able to see your stroke in a visual aspect and see the progress during your session.

During your session Ed will use video and our mirror, to analysis any posture or stroke changes. He will be able to share these with you by e-mail, so you can see and check when practicing.

What can we do?
  • Check your posture
  • Improve pre shot routine
  • Improve club face alignment
  • Develop and learn a repetitive stroke.
  • Understanding your faults, Why & How?
  • Why, does the fault occur?
  • How, do I self correct, to stop doing it on the golf course to hole more?
  • Do you have the correct putter for your stroke and alignment?
  • We make sure you have the correct putter length.
  • Adjustment to the Loft and Lie of the Putter if needed.

EM Golf has setup a putting programme as well if you would like to know more please Click Here.

If you would like more information please contact Ed or go to lesson bookings, so Ed can send your ball on the perfect starting line!

1hour putting session
Advanced 2hour putting session
Quintic certificate

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