“Take 5 shots off your scorecard”

How often do you play a great tee shot, follow it up with a solid second shot on to the green only to 3 putt or worse.

Imagine feeling confident that you can sink any putt from within 12 feet on a regular basis, irrespective of which course you’re playing.

If we can get your average number of putts from anywhere on the green to 2 or less, then the number of pars saved and birdies gained would be significant.

Interested in taking 5 shots off your scorecard? Scroll down to learn more or you can take the decision now and contact me and we can start turning your putter into magic wands.

Included in the programme

  • Pre-shot routine.
  • Eye alignment, (How do you see Straight?)
  • Understanding posture, setup & grip.
  • Club face alignment.
  • Correct putter length.
  • Learning your new stroke.
  • Understanding your faults.
  • The Programme is 4 hours of learning.

This programme will focus on 4 areas of improvement

  • Consistency

One of the tricks to becoming a great putter is being able to consistently repeat the same motion. We focus on correct posture and the all important pre shot routine.

  • Knowledge of your Stroke

Improving the knowledge of your putting stroke is vital for self correction on and off the golf course. Understanding your own personal tendencies, will only make you a better player. (Knowing if you hit a poor putt or you just miss read it from a miss opportunity, is a great asset to have when playing.)

  • Distance control

Learn how best to control the distance on your putts by improving technique and using simple drills.

  • Putting Versatility

Understanding how to approach long and short putts to ensure great results from anywhere on the green.