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Online Lessons!

Becuase of the success of the FREE online COVID19 Putting Lessons, and due to the on going restrictions I have now setup an online platform for payments for online lessons. For an example of an online putting lesson please follow the YouTube Link.

Only Bookable 1 week in adavance and on Saturday mornings from 10am – 12:30pm.

Lessons will be 20-25 mins long.

How it works:

Step 1: Download the Hudl Golf App (not available on Android) – Send 3 videos of your putting stroke or 2 videos of your full swing to the Studio What’s App number, which can be found in the contact page (As seen in the pics on this page, they are Face on, Down the line both ways from behind and putting towards).

Step 2: Ed will analysis these videos using the Hudl golf App and then send you a voice over video with what is happening, prior to your lesson you you know to expect, s the lesson can run smoothly.

Step 3: We will do the lesson via Facetime or Duo, using the Studio Tel number. I suggest you have a tri pod or have someone to video you (with a steady hand) during the session.

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