Golf Simulator 1 Hour

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Pricing & Persons

Prices are £30 per hour. This will give you the entire golf studio to yourself. You will also receive complimentary Tea, Coffee and water. We charge by time with a limit of 4 players per booking.

How to use the booking system

Select the amount of time you would like to book in blocks of 1 Hour. For example if you would like to play for 2 hours , select 2 blocks of 1 Hour. Then select the start time. There is no need to select an end time as this will be calculated automatically. Proceed to the bottom of this page and click “BOOK NOW’ the page will then refresh, and the next step is to click on the “View Checkout” button to complete and pay for your session.

  • (Due to a current ‘bug’ in the booking system, you will have to book a 2 hour or more session by adding each extra hour to your cart first before checking out, sorry for this current inconvenience.)

 How can I buy time for £18 per hour?

Simple click on this link £18 per hour which will take you to our membership page where you can purchase simulation time for £18 per hour.


Left Handed Only Simulator

Multi Simulator Players


Get Instant Feedback of your swing path, club face angle and ball impact, plus much more! You can Purchase HMT for up to 9 clubs for the system, when clicking on both 3 & 6 clubs.

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