Custom Golf Club Fitting 1 hour

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EM Golf is proud to offer a high end custom golf club fitting experience.

Please book a 1hour fitting session if you only want to try one manufacture for custom irons, wedges or woods.

If you are looking for a full bag fit or you would like to try out multiple bands you will need to book a 2 hour custom fitting session, we can then guarantee your fitting will not be rushed through, so you will have the best service and product fitted to you.

During the fitting session we will take your measurements and look at your playing style with our GC2 launch monitor with HMT to make sure what you will be fitted to, is built for you.

Putting Fitting? Please visit the Putter Fitting page here. CLICK HERE!

*New* (1st March 2018) Cost Break Down if you make a purchase during your visit:

Fitting Over £500? You will have 50% off the booking fee refunded, on purchase.

  • A 1 hour fitting session costs £40:
  • A 2 hour Full Bag fitting session costs £80:

Please choose by clicking in the box or boxes below, what you would like to get fitted to. If you don’t know that’s fine, we look forward to helping you find your perfect match!

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Custom Golf Club Fitting with GC2 & HMT technology. We fit Mizuno wedges & irons – Callaway & ORKA irons, wedges & woods.