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Improve your game more quickly than at the driving range with our simulator practice sessions. Our state of the art technology will give you the instant feedback you need to see  so you can make the right corrections to your game. The Simulator can be used as a practice tool to understand your distance control with each club and it will record your practice so you can see what consistent shape of shot you create, which can help you to see what areas you need to work on. Once you try GC2, you may want to updage and add on the HMT which sure you much more advanced feedback with your swing path, club face at impact and where the ball is coming out of the club face. We are confident that you will never look back. Our Modern technology gives you the ultimate advantage.

GC2 Smart Camera System

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Choose from 4 world wild golf courses to play in 4K, all your data is save to the foresight cloud so you can then login and see your shots at home, after being right here in our indoor facility. Whilst you can’t beat being outdoors on a real course, there are many benefits to playing on a simulator. One is the time factor. Because there is less walking between shots, it’s possible for 4 people to complete a round of 18 holes in under 3 1/2 hours. It should take a 2 ball under 2 hours to complete 18 holes. When playing you can enjoy perfect conditions, all year round, so the simulator is perfect for the winter months. Book your time slot dependent on the number of players. Our facility is available for a maximum of 4 players at a time. You can play 1 to 18 holes depending upon how much time you have available.

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GC2 Smart Camera System is the most sophisticated launch monitor in the market. Foresight Sports introduced the GC2 smart-camera technology in 2010, it revolutionised ball-flight analysis and was quickly adopted by many of the world’s leading club manufacturers including Titleist, Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra/Puma, PING and TaylorMade. It is now used by the R&A and Today’s Golfer magazine for there equipment testing of all new equipment coming into the market. The GC2 will help you collect your ball flight data on each club so you know exactly what you can take to the golf course.

GC2 Smart Camera with HMT

Foresight Sports introduces HMT – Head Measurement Technology – a ground-breaking innovation that works with the GC2a to give players a complete picture of club head performance. With HMT – Head Measurement Technology, you can now instantly see critical data such as club head velocity, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie – even impact location – all with the same unmatched accuracy you’re used to in the GC2.

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NEW FSX Performance Software allows you to analysis your lesson and practice sessions anywhere once you setup up a My Performance account. FSX offers cloud-based features that include online performance analysis, with video analysis of every shot played, even saving your skill-building, competition and game score results. Sign up for your My Performance account today.  https://performance.foresightsports.com

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