“Learn how to play golf in 3 months”

Discover the game of golf and love it for life!

Whether it’s the competition, the exercise, to do business or the opportunity to be outdoors, there are lots of reasons why people fall in love with this wonderful game.

Learn the fundamentals of the game to get you up and running on the golf course. Ed will teach you within a relaxed friendly environment, ensuring you’re having fun too.

No matter what your starting level, within 3 months you will have developed your own swing, have a solid grasp of the game and built the confidence to play a round of golf.

Interested? Scroll down to learn more or you can take the decision now and contact me and we can start your golfing journey.

Included in the programme

  • 6 sessions in 3 months
  • Basic set up
  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Equipment check
  • Plus discounts towards other selected services

This programme will focus on 4 areas of development

  • The Set Up

Its important to get the basic in place first which will form a solid platform for your game. We will ensure that everything from your grip, your stance, posture will allow you maximize your ability.

  • The Fundamentals

Understanding the basics of the golf swing and the different types of shot from driving to iron play, chipping and putting.

  • Mechanics of the game

We talk about the course management, how to use your handicap more effectively when playing and the all important card marking with different formats! So you feel confident the next time you step on the course.

  • Equipment

Its not about having the most expensive equipment, but the right equipment for your level. We talk you through everything from footwear to gadgets and the different types of club.

Get Started here with an Introduction Lesson.