Gap Testing Session


A Gap Testing session enables you to understand how far you hit each club and what the average gap of the yardage between each club is.

Because the testing is taking place in a controlled environment, you can then set a benchmark, you can then adjust to the different weather and gradient conditions you face ever time you go out to play a round of golf.

Ed will be on hand to help guide you with the technology that allows you to gather all of this information by the GC2 and at the end of the session you will be sent an email of your gap test results, you can then either print these out at home or keep stored on your computer, tablet or mobile device. You can show your PGA coach what your stats are and your other data, which will then give him/her the information to help you develop further.

Once we have gathered the data we can then see if the degree of your clubs are too weak, strong or perfect. The studio has a loft and lie machine and we can change any of your irons to the correct loft if needed during your stay (only during an advance test).

If you own a GPS, laser-measuring device or you have recently purchased a new set of irons, wedges or new woods you need to do a gap test to understand your NEW average distances.

You might think you know how far you hit and carry your golf ball, but why think and guess, when you can know! With the most accurate indoor measuring device in the market, the foresight sports GC2, you will have the means to advance your game.

What makes the studio unique and different to a driving range? Real golf balls!

You can use the same ball you use on the golf course, making your gap test even more accurate, than using range balls with a launch monitor on the practice ground.

HMT Add-on

When purchasing one of our GAP Test products you can add the HMT (Head Measurement Technology) which helps shows you the Lie angle of the club at impact, the Launch angle, where the ball has come out of the face of the club, swing path, the club face angle to path and to the target. (3 clubs are included in an advanced test already).

This is a highly recommend add-on to get the full benefit of technology at hand.





During a basic test you will have enough time be able to test your set of irons, to identify your average yardage and the gap of yards in between each club.

You can add HMT to this session at checkout.

There are no loft or lie checks and alterations included in this session. Please go to the Advanced test for this.

You will be sent your data by email after your session.

(Complimentary tea, coffee, water or soft drink during your visit).



What is an advanced Gap Test? You will test your entire set of clubs from your Wedges to the Driver identifying your average yardage and the gap of yards in between each club. Also included is HMT for 3 Clubs, you can add more if you would like.

Ed will then go through your test with you and point out any changes to your lofts or lies that may need to take place. He will be able to adjust these during your session and all the alterations to the clubs are included in the price. You will be sent your gap testing data by email after your session.

(Complimentary tea, coffee, water or soft drink during your visit).