Lynx Golf is back!

EM Golf are now custom fitting LYNX’s NEW product range.

Lynx has designed and delivered affordable, forgiving and extremely nice feeling products.

When testing the new products for the first time in our studio, our expectations of the quality and feel where quite low due to the price point, there is no way these clubs can perform as well as the larger well know brands. How wrong where we! (“Never judge a book by its cover.”) Lynx truly has done a great job and EM Golf only supplies products we believe in that will make a difference to your game!


Lynx Boom Boom Range

Boom Boom Maraging 4 – PW £649
Boom Boom Tour 3 – PW £629
Boom Boom Rose Gold 4 – PW £549
Boom Boom Original & Offset 4 – PW £499
Boom Boom 3 Driver (7.5˚, 9˚, 10.5˚ & 12˚) Starts from = £249
Boom Boom 3 Driver LH (9˚ & 10.5˚ ) Starts from = £249
Boom Boom 3 Fairways (3 & 5) = £199
Boom Boom 3 Hybrids (3 & 4) = £185

The Boom Boom Range is Lynx’s new flagship iron, it comes in four types and three finishes.

Lynx’s twin slot technology and variable face thickness will deliver added distance and speed off the club face.

  • Boom Booms Newest iron is their ‘maraging’ – a lighter and thiner nickel-rich maraging steel is used in the face of the new irons. This allows the face to flex. Weight distribution elsewhere in the head gives improved launch angles and reduced spin rates. Available in Graphite.
  • Boom Boom Tour irons are thiner at the top line, narrower sole, stronger loft and lie, beautiful chrome finish. Available in Graphite.
  • Boom Boom Special Ltd Edition Rose Gold finish and the original black PVD finish. For game improvers, but it will also suits players who like to work the ball. Both models deliver a combination of distance and forgiveness. Available in Graphite.
  • Boom Boom Offset irons have the widest sole available in the range, lowering the centre of gravity and assisting the golfer to get the ball airborne.The offset helps to square the face at impact, leading to straighter shots. The most forgiving Boom Boom irons to date! Available in Graphite.

These clubs redefine the levels of power, distance and feel achievable from a cast head.

NEW Lynx Predator Range (Coming Soon)!

New Predator 5i – SW £199 (Steel)
New Predator 5i – SW £279 (Graphite)

All available in Green, Yellow, Orange & Black.

New Predator Adjustable Driver = £139
New Predator Fairway (3 & 5) = £69
New Predator Hybrids (3 & 4) = £69

All available in Green, Yellow, Orange & Black.

More Lynx Custom Fitted Irons


Tour Blade

3i-PW = £399

(Used by Nick Dougherty)


Parallax Forged

4i – PW Steel = £395

4i – PW Graphite = £458

Black cat blue

NEW Black Cat Blue

Available from Jan 2016

5i – SW Steel = £389

5i – SW Graphite = £429

Black cat red

NEW Black Cat Red

Available from Jan 2016

5i – SW Steel = £389

5i – SW Graphite = £429

Parallax Adjustable Driver

Parallax Adjustable Driver 10.5˚



Parallax Adjustable Technology.


Lynx Wedge Range


NEW Predator Wedge


(52˚, 56˚, 60˚, 64˚)


Tour Wedges


(48˚, 50˚, 52˚, 54˚, 56˚, 58˚, 60˚)

Fossil wedge 2

Tour Fossil Wedges


(52˚, 56˚, 60˚)

Tour Wedge Chrome

Tour Chrome Wedges


(52˚, 56˚, 60˚)