About Ed Morton

2014 EM Golf Studio Opening Evening – Joe Miller (left – Re/Max World Long Driving Championship 2010 & 2016)  – Owner: Ed Morton (right)

About Ed Morton:

Ed has been a Golf Professional since 2002, he is a Class “AA” PGA Golf Professional and has a Level 3 PGA coaching qualification.

Working with Ed will help you to develop your overall game, understanding the elements that creates your golf swing as it is, and your putting stroke. Ed will identify the catalyst that causes your inconsistency issues, you will be able to understand your ball fight easier and self correct quicker on the golf course. All of this is delivered with professional and relaxed manner, using video analysis and our launch monitors. Ed coaches all levels of golfer from juniors and beginners to advanced player, he knows the studio is suitable for all skill levels, to improve quicker than in other environment because of the instant feedback you get with every shot or putt in the studio. Ed works closely with the GC2 launch monitor with HMT to help give you the best feedback and understanding in your game while focusing on the important basic fundamentals, of a good posture, grip & stance to improve consistency as well as improving your impact position for that ultimate ball striking experience off the club face. Ed is also a putting instructor and fitter, using SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll and is part of the Seemore Putting Institute (SPI), to improve your putting game. Ed is one of the most recommended and trusted putter fitters in the UK, offering a tour experience putter fitting to the club golfer and Professional.

Ed’s Journey

Ed started his golf in Warwickshire at the age of 10, he then went to Millfield school in Somerset where he played on the school team which helped him gain confidence to travel and live in America at the age of 16 – 19.  He was based on Hilton Head Island, SC, where he played and competed on the juniors tours all around the US.

Ed came back to the UK in 2001 to become a professional golfer, during which he played county golf for Warwickshire, played in the English Amateur, the Barbazon Trophy and qualified in South Africa to play in their National Amateur Championship at George GC. Towards the end of 2002, Ed turned pro and played in the last few event on the Euro Pro Tour. He then joined the PGA in 2003 Starting his training at Luton Golf Centre where he helped run the facility during his 2nd year, Ed then moved down to Kent where he finished his qualification in 2007 at Kent National GC.

Ed played on the mini tours in the UK, Europe and played in 7 events on the Challenge Tour after leaving Kent National in 2007. After a few years of playing he decided to call it quits and started a full time coaching roll at the A1 GC in 2012, where he came up with the idea of setting up his own indoor golf academy, The EM Golf Studio.

With all of Ed’s experience gained within the industry he now runs this exclusive independent indoor golf facility and hopes to make your stay at the studio as pleasant as possible, with 100% of his attention focused on you while having a lesson or when purchasing a product, so you get the best customer service possible.

He can still plays at a very high competitive level, competing in PGA East Region Pro Ams and the OOM where he has Won the East Anglian Open in 2015, finished 21st in OOM and in 2014 finished 15th in the OOM with a 2nd place under his belt. Ed has also won the Hertfordshire PGA Matchplay (2014) and Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire PGA Matchplay (2016).